Realms of Teramiror


I’ve always wanted to build my very own universe with its mythology, history and civilizations. And a unique magic system that defines it and makes it exceptional.

Realms of Teramiror is just that.


24th of May

The tragedy continues following the death of the Yastriin leader. An oath of revenge is taken, while fate seems to keep smiling at the culprit as they run away east only to land upon more magic that will aid them in their vile quest.

This has been a very productive week for me, as far as writing is concerned πŸ™‚

9th of May

This week, I closed off an interesting yet tragic story. On the same night, the Yastriin were betrayed by a friend and because of that, their leader was murdered by their worst enemy: a Prizran. What will happen to the surviving Yastriin I don’t know yet, for I still have to write it. But it will definitely be a story of reborn hope πŸ™‚

5th of May

After some weeks of trying to get over a hurdle in the plot, I finally managed to sit down, grab it by the horns and overthrow it πŸ™‚ Now, we’ve entered Pelnin, and the Yastriin and the druids are about to stumble upon some interesting discoveries that might make them… or break them.

Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

11th April

This March has definitely been my most creative month when it comes to writing… not! Unfortunately, I lost track a bit of my inspiration and barely wrote more than 2 straight lines.

Yet with April comes Spring and its promises of renewal πŸ™‚ I have just yesterday written a couple of paragraphs now going into the details about the region of Pel, in the Eastern Realm.

Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

1st of March

Saddened and horrified by what’s going on in Ukraine at the moment. Coincidently, these past 2 weeks I was writing about an ongoing war between two societies whose names derive from Slavic languages, the Prizran and the Yastriin. How I wish war took place only in fiction!

18th February

It’s been a tough two weeks, with little chance for writing. Still, I’ve made some progress particularly on developing some cool history concerning the Prizran and the Yastriin. These are two very interesting races which shape the fate of the Realms of Teramiror greatly. More information will be released soon πŸ™‚

3rd February

This week I started fleshing out the Southern Realm. It is the most mythical, touched by magic almost to a mutational level, sprouting creatures and beasts beyond what anyone could ever imagine. It’s very motivating, as I find myself inventing a mix of creatures which do not exactly exist in our universe… or at least, I think they don’t πŸ™‚

25th of January

Over the last two weeks, I continued writing where I had left off back in the mid 2021. I have found a way to keep my Index updated too.

Today I concluded a big chunk of history of the Eastern Realm. The next parts will take us further north of this realm, telling the stories of the peoples who, albeit indirectly, dealt more with the Northern Realm than they ever came to know.


2019 – 2021

I’ve always wanted to build my own universe, with its mythology, history and civilizations; their culture and traditions, historical events and battles, and calendars and special feasts – sure why not!

Above else, I’ve always wanted to create my very own magic. A unique magic system that defines my universe and makes it exceptional.

While I’ve not written much during this period (about a total of 10k), due to some significant changes in my life, this universe remained ever on my mind and a priority on my bucket list.

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