John Naudi

My passion for writing goes back to my earliest memories. Particularly in English. From the 200-word ‘compositions’ at school, and through various attempts at writing a novel in my early teens, I have to say this passion grew along with me.

My efforts were not in vain, for in my mid-twenties I published my first book on Amazon, followed by another one, published in the summer of 2015. At present, I am in the process of publishing a historical fiction – City of Shadows – set in the 19th century Valletta.

I consider myself mostly a Fantasy lover, when it comes to reading. Yet one of the most inspiring novels I’ve read was a historical fiction, also set in Malta in the 1500’s. My writing is mostly driven by Life, which tends to hit my brain and cause it to go into an unstopping, unwavering engine of thoughts. These I find it hard to keep to myself, so I write stories and blog, hoping to reach out to the universe that lies within each and everyone one of us out there.

I was born in Malta, lived in B’kara till I was 10 when I moved with my family to Hamrun. Now I’m happily married to Justine – my gorgeous and very supportive wife. We live in Pembroke (yes, that’s still in Malta!)

Feel free to contact me here