John Naudi

Everything you need to know

From a very young age, I always had a passion for writing, especially in English. From the days of creative writing at school, through the various attempts at novel writing in my early teens, my passion for writing grew and matured over time.

My efforts paid off.

I self-published Tales from Alrais , The Downfall of Pride and my first debut novel last January (2018): City of Shadows.

Born in Malta, I lived in Birkirkara until I was 10, when I moved with my family to Ħamrun. I’m now married to Justine and live in Pembroke (still Malta).

Mission Statement

While our fast routines often lead our daily lives, experience keeps forming us, making us who we are. For this reason, reading remains one of the strongest forms of keeping us grounded, and giving light to our subconscious.

With my writing, I seek to reach out to people of every race, class and denomination. Through the worlds, characters, and blogs I create, I can only hope to get in touch with the universe that both you and I have, within ourselves.