The day I never believed would arrive

And here we are!

3 years ago I started writing my first novel. It took me almost 3 whole years to write the first 10 chapters. I used to look at the featured quote, nod, sigh and say, “That’s so true!” Knowing it was true still didn’t improve my commitment to finishing my novel

What did, however, were the last 3 months. I’ve learned so much about writing in these last 3 months. Much more, in fact, than I ever learned through all those years at school, or during online inspirational videos outlining how to commit yourself to writing. I also learned how true the above-mentioned quote is, by the way. Not only because it made sense or it adhered to my opinion (that too), but because I found myself living it.

Writing every day. That is what finally got me where I am today: my novel complete and ready for Reviewing, Proofreading and Publishing in the coming weeks.

Writing every day.

It is crucial to find whatever it is you like doing. Then do it, every single day of your life. It can be an hour a day, or maybe less. But do it every day. Work, family, friends, and other commitments already take a lot of those 24 hours. But that is no excuse.

Find what you like to do, and work on it every day 

I wrote 10 chapters over the span of 3 years. Since last May,  I wrote the next 20 because I wrote every day. And that brings us here, to the day I never believed would arrive.

Today, I can post this blog and tell you: my novel is ready and on the way to you!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlotte says:

    Does it have boobs?


    1. John says:

      hi Jamie
      i guess you’ll have to read it to find out.



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