On the Vilification of Religion

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Ok, before we start.
I’m Christian. Catholic, to be precise (though I’m more than happy with just Christian). I practice my spirituality, and I have a personal relationship with God very similar to the one you have with your relative, colleague, or closest buddy. He’s more and more becoming like a father to me.

Okay. That’s the DISCLAIMER. Make sure it’s clear in your head.
IF NOT > do yourself a favour and read it again
IF YES> Continue reading below

I’m sure you heard Malta is a religious country. It’s not (and I don’t write that grumpily, nor with tears in my eyes). Despite that, however, the Maltese have this weird tendency to cause drama over religious debates or events that cause them. It was still illegal to publicly dress up in any ecclesiastical habits or vestments for example, before last year (unless you were part of the clergy or a nun… logically!) Not even for the famous Carnival of Nadur, Gozo (an event I highly recommend to tourists… provided you have a strong heart).

A more recent event that caused a lot of public turmoil, and filled the pockets of the media, was the infamous 12-metre billboard of the Last Supper. The popular burger-bar launched a very original depiction of Jesus and His Apostles sharing and enjoying hot-dogs, pizza and burgers.

There you go. Remember my first paragraph? The Disclaimer above?

IF NOT> read it again, quickly. Then come back here.
IF YES> Good, okay, continue reading.

This billboard didn’t offend me. I didn’t fail to stop, look at it, and appreciate it. It kind of made me smile, seeing Jesus (my best, truest and most loyal God-friend) depicted in an original manner. And hell, I know He doesn’t take it personally. I could bet He too smiled when He saw it. So why should it offend me?

Life never gave any privilege to anyone. We all suffer, we all get ridiculed, we all get treated unfairly, now and then. So why should religion be above ridicule? Any religion. The same should apply for Political Parties, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Artists and Public Figures of all kind. That’s it. Public Figures. If you’re a public figure, don’t expect to not get ridiculed; it’s part of the package. If you don’t like it, get down that stage!

Whoever and whatever you are or have become: you have no privilege. And anything you have is a gift from the man in the middle of the table described above.




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