Privilege: the plague of the 21st Century

We: I was born in this world

The Universe: So, what?

We: I am a good person who works hard to earn what I have and build the life I have.

The Universe: good for you. Still, I cannot see your point.

We: seriously? I have cancer. My friend has lost a loved one, and another has so suddenly unjustly lost his job.

Universe: That’s not nice.

We: ‘That’s not nice’. Is that all you have to say?

Universe: Why, what else should I tell you?

We: Start by telling me why? Why me?

Universe: Why you? *bursts into laughter* Why you? Seriously?

We: Oh, so now you think it’s funny.

Universe: I don’t think anything. I just do.

We: You just do. Right! Like you did give me cancer and took away my friend’s loved one and the other friend’s job.

Universe: Ye. But I still don’t see the point here.

We: WHY?

Universe: *raises eyebrow* Why not?

We: Are you being serious?

Universe: Yes.

We: I don’t deserve this.

Universe: This what?

We: This pain. Why is it happening to me? Wait, of course: you’re going to tell me, ‘why not?’ Well, don’t I have a right to be happy? Is that a ‘why not’ enough for you?

Universe: A right to be happy? *laughs hysterically* What Rights do you think you have? You were born in this world, to a good family. You had shelter, food and clothes. You received a good education, had some friends, a job, and most probably have enjoyed life along the way. That’s already much more than 80% of your fellow human beings in the world could ever dream of having. Because they have poverty, hunger, war, and certain death.

We: And I have cancer. That still a problem.

Universe: Yes, and your friend lost a loved one and your other friend got unjustly sacked! You already told me. Those are not problems. Your real problem, however, is that you suffer from the plague of Privilege.

We: What’s that supposed to mean?

Universe: It is the assumption that 20% of the world’s population seem to have. The wrong assumption that just because you have family, friends, a home food and a job, you think that gives you the right to have everything else… or nothing less. You believe you’re privileged.

We: No, I’m not.

Universe: Of course you’re not. You’re only a speck of dust on a planet, which is a speck of dust in a galaxy, which is barely even considerable in this vast big universe. So, tell me again: what Right do you think you have?


Photo by David Huang on Unsplash

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