What ‘Wonder’ left me to wonder!

So here I am, after a month’s pause. No, it wasn’t exactly a sabbatical; I just didn’t want to take you away from City of Shadows, that’s all.



Then there I was watching Wonder with my wife some days ago, and I told myself: I have to blog about this movie!

What is it about.

Well, see for yourself. I won’t spoil it for you. But suffice to say it’s about the strength that can be found in family, friends or any other relationship when its members support one another.

On the other hand, it states how love is not pampering, and supporting someone is not equal to making them believe the world revolves around them. This applies to anyone, whether they’re your children – especially if they’re your children –  or your partner.

Besides that, the cast’s performance – including Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay – was stunning, to say the least. For 2 straight hours, Wonder lives up to its name’s expectations and more!

How it made me feel.

Well, I did cry of course, in the end. That made me happy though (and my wife, too. She says she has seldom seen me shed a tear). It reminded me how false and stupid is the pretence we all carry very often in our daily lives: that life can or should be easy. It also prepared me – just a little – for whatever the future might have in store. Not to fear it, nor worry too much about it.

But on the other hand, to look at the present as the gift that it actually is. And that all fears of the future and worries from the past are simply acts of escapism from the Now that you and I are invited to live.

The message from Wonder to you and me.

Nothing is as clear: be kind.

You do not know… actually, you have no idea of what the other person is going through.

So be kind. 



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