Comeback, and a baby!

Here I am, after many many weeks of not writing.

Last March, the 10th, it was my birthday. And me and my wife came to know she was pregnant.

We are very happy!

(and that’s an understatement)

In the weeks that followed, I couldn’t focus on my writing. I am not blaming my son/daughter to be for my lack of creativity. So it is I, and no one else, who owes you all an apology for the great silence. Despite how hard I tried, my creative side of my brain felt like an Indiana Jones wading through mud or quicksand.

Yet here I am.

I am not promising my writing style is at its best. Writing is a bit like sports/exercise. The least you practice it, the more unfit you become. So in the coming weeks, my only promise is I am returning to writing,  but you will have to bear with me patiently till my style gets some rust off.

Some news

  • I did make some amendments to the website, like here , here, and here.
  • Me and my wife do know our baby’s sex. Surprise!
  • am working on my next novel, which might follow City of Shadows’ genre or it even might not. You’ll have to wait a while (much longer than for knowing my baby’s sex. Haha!)
  • I do not know if this is a comeback to my writing, but I sure hope it is.


P.S. that photo is quite old… we weren’t even married yet. Apologies, but me and my wife aren’t the “let’s take a photo and share it with the world” type of couple.

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