How music will show you what to do

Today’s blog is triggered by this beautiful voice I came across this morning. And the urgency for you to do something!!

Click on the image. Look, it has over 7 MILLION views.

You’ll be telling me: “Logically, her voice is beautiful! Look, she has 43 thousand Likes….” Now, do you notice those one and a half thousand Dislikes? Unbelievable, right??

That’s nothing. Look at one of this year’s most epic masterpiece:


I’m sure you have listened to it. If not, well: 32 million views… 336 thousand likes. But 5.8 thousand dislikes? How could one possibly dislike this voice? Who are these people?

These are those who will always criticise you, try to bring you down, smash you, stop you, and put sticks in your wheels. These are those who are always ready to almost do anything to see you fail!

Yes, because whoever told you that you have to do better, work harder and focus all your energy to achieve something was right. But whoever told you that you have to do it so the whole world loves you is wrong.

Wrong on all the levels.

Because if two great amazing and inspiring songs like the above could gather over a thousand brainless idiots’ Dislike button, then so can you.

So will you, because you can never please everyone. Not because you can never come up with something so good, but because some people are just what they are. And I give them no name or title on purpose, because they don’t deserve any better.

(Some will criticise you constructively – and to those you should listen to humbly).

So my message today to you is to please: Don’t stop! Carry on, whatever your endeavor.

Be it your job, your skill, your art, or the novel you’re writing or the family you’re raising. Whatever it is, please pursue it! Chase it to the depths of the earth and do not dare come out into the sun unless you are carrying your dream/s in your hands.

Sidenote1: The voice of Never Enough is Loren Allred’s. Live performance sung by her can be heard here.
Sidenote2: Still not sure whether to reach out with your voice to the world out there? Here’s another song for you. Do yourself and all of us a favour and listen to it.

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

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  1. Mr James De Giorgio says:

    Wow Johnny, masterfully written 🙂

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