Let go. Just let go.

Today, I want to just write a small note; a reminder of sorts. In hope that whenever you read this, for it will be your Today then – it gives you hope.

I won’t tell you everything will be just fine, cause that is not reality. But I am telling you that you’re not alone in your struggles. They may seem the heaviest, hardest, and worst – and they might as well be – but that still doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Whatever mountain lies in front of you, it is not original. Many people have had it already before you, and more will have it still – while you’re alive and long after you’re gone.

‘But this doesn’t make my problem disappear,’ you say.

No, of course not. Some problems can be solved, other just can’t.

But all problems can be tackled and dealt with. It is for our own advantage that a problem is there to help us grow.

So ignore all those wanna-be ‘positive’ thoughts and look away from those who insist you be positive. While positivism is the perfume of life, trying too hard to achieve it (like anything else) is futile. Instead, try to succumb to your pain. Let it bring you down with it, let it drown you. Feel it. Experience it. And don’t fight too hard, but just let go!

Letting go isn’t the same as giving up.

Photo by Alexander McFeron on Unsplash

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