to fuck or not to fuck

There really is no such thing as not giving a fuck. The question is simply how we each choose to allot our fucks. You only get a limited number of fucks to give over your lifetime, so you must spend them wisely – Mark Manson

After reading this awesome book some weeks ago (took me less than 48 hours, mind you), I decided to jot down what I give a fuck about, and what I don’t. No, seriously, that 400-page piece of text seriously made me think (which takes a lot!). It’s a masterpiece.

That said and done, here I go!

What I don’t give a fuck about (I might’ve used to, but don’t anymore):

  • people who didn’t live up to my expectations – not their fault. Still, in turn I do not aim to live up to theirs.
  • what the above people think about me or what they expect of me, my beliefs, my way of life.
  • those who try to get me to follow and/or adapt their dogma or agenda; it being religious, philosophical, practical… (well you get what I mean!)
  • politics – particularly the Malta Labour Party and the Nationalist Party.
  • my own beliefs. While I hold a strong beliefs (for example my Faith in Jesus Christ as my God and Saviour) I don’t mind this or any belief being challenged, opposed, ridiculed or questioned… not even by myself!
  • my weaknesses. Like my beliefs, I don’t mind them ridiculed, questioned or brought to my attention (after all they’re only there to remind me I’m human and keep me grounded).
  • people who steal my cake.

What I do give a fuck about:

  • my wife.
  • my son.
  • my parents, siblings and most of my or my wife’s family members.
  • apart from the above some other people who give a fuck about me, my wife, or those mentioned above.
  • Pain, for it has helped me grow and still does.
  • the value of Honesty irrelevant how blunt or hurtful it may be.
  • my own writing.
  • the power of music.
  • nice and healthy, mind-opening, deep conversation, particularly with anyone holding different values and/or beliefs.
  • fitness – because it makes me feel good.
  • my fertile imagination and the love I hold for Fiction and fantasy realms.
  • the power of Stories (yes, a capitalised S) whether they’re historical, cultural, and/or passed-down mythologies – I am particularly fond of the Norse, among others.
  • people who offer me cake.


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