Take me to church

Today is Monday, and let’s face it: no one likes Mondays.

For the last couple of years, however, Monday has been one of my most awaited day of the week. This is thanks to what I and my friends have titled: Football Mondays.

In the late afternoon, the football pitch is the favoured place for us who need to unleash the beast within. No etiquette is required here. No need to mind your politeness or correct attitude. This is the Green Arena. This is our temple. This is my church.

No wonder why a lot of expert physicians and doctors often write about the importance of weekly sports and/or exercise. I don’t say it is important… I say it is crucial! Everything they say about stress-relief, anti-aging, and all the health benefits has to be true. Yes, because at 31 years of age, I can feel the difference. Not only does sports enhance your physical and mental stamina, but it is also a social activity.

To me, it is almost spiritual. And today, where I cannot attend this ritual due to an injury I had last Monday (don’t worry, I’ll be fine!), I feel at loss and can only hope my bloody ankle will be back in shape for next Monday.


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  1. Adele Naudi Gatt says:

    Why wait for crucial Monday – Sports has many facets dear..be it gymn, pool or jogging or even riding a bicycle it’s always relieving👌


    1. John says:

      Of course, I go jogging too. But I have to recover from my foot though


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