“uuuu kif sirna!”

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

Today, I would like to share a thought I often here people say:

“uuu, kif sirna!”

That’s in Maltese. When used, it usually refers to the world, Malta, or any society in general. and it can be translated to something like:

“things are changing!” <— (in the negative sense)

I want to share my frustration with you.

Such a phrase crops up almost every time some terrible headline hits the news. A terrorist attack, a great drop in the market, a series crime, a scandal disclosure… you name it!

I want to share my frustration with you.

Yes, because this is ignorance. I won’t go into statistics here, because it is not the aim of this blog. But if one had to do some quick research…  (you don’t have to be an IT guru to do so, nowadays. So please, go ahead!) … well, you’d be amazed how much the world has improved. Humanity has made giant leaps.

The last hundred years have been the most progressive, not just in technology and medicine. Laws that defend the less fortunate, and encourage respect for thy neighbour. The global rate of poverty has been declining significantly; while war, famine and crime have – on a global scale – decreased. Rights…

Well, ok. Some of you may argue we have too many Rights. I don’t think one can have ‘too many’ Rights. So I’d prefer to say that we may be focusing too much on Rights. OK, granted. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make the world a less better place!

So the next time you’re about to blame society, humanity (or the government), please do yourself – and all of us – a favour. Stop, and have a good look around yourself. Humanity will never be perfect, but hope lasts as long as we’re moving forward… which we are.

(Yes, take a deep breath… we ARE!)


Still not convinced? Help yourself to the below, please..

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