Don’t stop!

I watched this film, yesterday. It’s based on a true story and… well, just go and watch it. It’ll be worth your time 🙂

There was this scene where Megan and her Dad are having a conversation about her current emotional state. He tells her how important it is to keep trying. Between one sob and another, she tells him she has tried. and failed.
‘Well don’t stop failing, then,’ he replies, with a smile.

I was touched.

We’ve all read and heard enough of how important it is to never stop trying. But, have you ever asked yourself why you get fed up of trying? Because in reality, trying is in itself fun – usually. Then why do we stop?

Because just like Megan’s dad correctly pointed out: we are afraid of Failing.

So, how can we be saved from this deep and unfathomable sense of dread that Failure often brings with it? Megan’s dad has a good answer again – and before you shout “cliche!” please shut your mouth-hole and keep reading…


Megan’s dad (I cannot remember his name in the movie) tells her that loving something or someone can take you to places which are bigger than yourself. Bigger than yourself. I wanted to rewind that part and hear it over again. Love is bigger than ourselves. Bigger than our petty brains and their limitations. So it is useless to say “I can’t do it”. Because it’s not just you.  It’s the love you have for your dream, your goal, your target, that will help you to get there. It’s that same love that will keep you running, even when your fuel’s run out.

So don’t give up. Please, do yourself – and those around you – a favour! Stop fearing failure. Stop pissing in your pants in front of the circumstances that failure could bring (no, I won’t grant it the capital F!). For goodness’ sake, do you know that most of the things you are afraid of never actually happen? You’d have wet your pants and used up water to wash them pants… all for nothing. And water is too precious!

So is your life. So don’t waste it crouched in the corner afraid of the shadows (that exist only because there is Light, after all)




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  1. Adele Naudi Gatt says:

    I love the last sentence most of all Johnđź‘Ś


    1. John says:

      Thanks, me too


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