Sharing… is caring?

Do you want to know what the secret to Facebook’s success is? Have you ever wondered why it has gripped so many millions in its grasp?

It starts with the word Need.

The need of attention, the need to be noticed, the need to be recognized, the need to remind others that one not only exists, but one is.

We are so submerged into this online world of sharing. It has become more powerful than any other form of routine. Needless to say, sharing is fun. Wherever we are, as we witness spectacles ranging from the saddest and most dramatic up to the funny and entertaining; recording it by photo or video and sharing it on Facebook not only makes us feel closer together and not alone. It also lifts us up onto the pedestal of being contributors to communication. I am neither preaching against it nor wanting to push us all down into the whirlwind of pessimism. It is still communication, without any trace of doubt.

But is it the communication we need?

Communication has been around mankind ever since the first sun dawned on us, whatever form and attributes we possessed at the time. It lies in the blissful moments of sitting with a friend, lighting a cigar or sipping a drink, whilst enjoying whatever scenery life presents at that moment. Sometimes the scenery is silence amidst natural habitats. Sometimes it is noise in the middle of a park flaring with fireworks. This is the communication we have lost, this is the real sharing. I am not blaming Facebook or the internet per se for this loss. But yes, I do believe we are wrong in trusting these new types of sharing. They are misleading us. Unfortunately, we have become blind enough to believe that the more we share in this way (Facebook, the internet…) the less we are alone.

And that’s a lie.

How does one walk away? How does one lead oneself back on the clearer path of what communication is really all about?

Natural Simplicity is the best description I’ve so far managed to obtain.

Natural, because communication is not in the stars. It is rooted in our natural form. It is who and how we are; beings with the extraordinary ability to communicate so easily.

Simplicity, because as the last two words of the latter sentence stated: ‘so easily’. It doesn’t require much else.

The internet has most certainly aided us in communicating, but it must not become the source of it. The source is Natural (within us) and Simple (doesn’t take much effort). Hopefully, it’s not yet too late to find such a God-given gift within ourselves. Hopefully, each of us – sooner rather than later – starts to realise that our Needs can all be satiated by the most natural and simplest of means. Amongst them: communication.




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