to the Maltese politicians

I write as a Maltese citizen. A proud Maltese citizen. A hurt Maltese citizen.

Dear Prime Minister, dear Opposition Leader, and the dear all those who work behind them. Please, this is Malta. Please, unite together. Please stop behaving like children and blaming each other for the tragic death of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

This is a time to unite together. If you don’t, Malta is going to drown.

And it will be on your hands.

You are the representatives of authority and power for the Maltese islands, irrelevant of who is in government and who is in the opposition. Work together on giving light to where there is doubt, providing proof to where there is suspicion, and helping the nation unite under one flag to bring justice. I refer not solely to Daphne’s brutal murder, but to the country’s reputation in general.

That is the promise you need to fulfill to us, the citizens. That is why you are politicians. Unless you prefer foreigners to look at our country and think twice. Think twice about investing here, traveling here, coming to live here. Is this what you want? Because we, as citizens, definitely do not. I’m sure many of us would love to be able to do something to help our country in this harsh time, if we could. You can, both sides of you. You can because that is why we voted for you (Red or Blue, it’s irrelevant): to preserve, maintain and always strive for the good of Malta.

So please, set aside your political differences and campaigns. In the name of justice, truth and – most of all – the love for our beautiful country. Malta needs you, the both of you, now more than ever. What will you do about it?


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