a short word: on Halloween

See that guy in the picture on your left? (unless you’re reading this on your mobile phone or tablet, and you need to look up) – do you like the editing?

That’s me in Old Town Square, Prague, some weeks ago. There were a lot of different figures to take photos with; I remember one of them was a Jinn. I love Jinn. Still, I took a photo with Death (a.k.a the Grim Reaper).

Yes, I have always had a flair for Horror and themes of the supernatural. I hop on my feet at scenes of scary corridors covered in mists and spooky sounds that make your heart skip a beat.

This is why I like Halloween!

Now I’m writing about this because I feel there is the need to make my opinion clear. I am – as most of you know – Catholic (I practice my spirituality quite to the full, truth be told). That means I believe in God and Jesus Christ and I shun the devil. That’s my spirituality, yet it does not interfere with my love for horror movies, tales of the supernatural, or macabre themes. Neither does it ask me to shun a celebration like Halloween.

I am not denying ‘satanic’ cults or occultists might take the 31st of October as an opportunity to practice their rituals. For this reason, I recommend parents and teenagers to be wary where they (or their children) go and what they do – maturity never killed anyone.

But ignorance does.

That is why it is important for ignorance to be fought by knowledge. It is not the right place nor time for me to delve deep into the origins of Halloween. Suffice to say, however, that it was neither satanic nor of the occult. Briefly, the Celts believed this time between (the end of) Summer and (the beginning of) Autumn to be the period when the layers between the worlds of the living and the dead got the thinnest. No, this didn’t result in the Celts performing gory rituals to avoid this ‘thinning’ or stuff like that. On the contrary, they looked upon this day as one to be dedicated to their dearly departed. If you want to know more, I recommend our best friend Google.

So yes, be wary, not foolish. But don’t be stupid. Celebrate without hurting anyone, if you like it (I do!). If you don’t, just leave those of us who want to give some frights in peace!

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