why Stranger Things is a great series

Whether you consider yourself a sci-fi fan or a ‘fiction-doesn’t-get-me’ type, you most certainly have heard about this mini-series. But have you wondered why? I mean, it’s not like the TV world is lacking any right now. There’s a multitude of them, catering for every type of person and our different likes and opinions. So how did this mini-series make such a blockbuster?

It goes back to a world we all admire

It’s the 80’s! With its people and their struggles, hopes and dreams. We all look back with a sigh at the time of innocence the world can never go back to. I will not allow this blog to turn into another Kif Sirna post, so let’s stick to the belief that this was a world we will always look up to… until a time machine is built, maybe.

Wait. That’s exactly what Stranger Things is!

I mean, look at it. You have the ‘bad institution’ experimenting scientifically on humans with special abilities. Look at the mentality of the boys and the way they play. Did you know much of the monster lore is based on D&D (D&D? Google it!). Not to mention the music, of course. I do not think there is a single instance where the music sounds modern (yes, that’s a compliment). And speaking of the music and the themes above….

It challenges the current media trend

Stranger Things avoids the contemporary over-used paths of attracting viewers. There is no single explicit sex scene, for starters. The only swear words used are by Dustin, for Dustin – his development in Season 2 is portrayed marvellously. Violence, gore? None of that. Horror is one of the main plots, to be sure. But the storyline is outlined and developed so well that it barely needs to be visual. Most of all, it starts ends and revolves around a group of young teenagers. It is with and through this group of young boys – who rely on a girl – that the adventure unfolds. If that doesn’t challenge the Justin Beiber, Kardashian and Vampire Diaries drama (i mean no offence), I don’t know what else does.

It has character…s

And they’re strong! The way they are introduced, developed and removed (because removal is usually the crappiest part in most series) is something beyond what I’ve ever seen before. They’re different but the same, and in each lives a perfect blend of chaos and orders intertwined in a way never witnessed before. It’s hard to pick a favourite, even though mine is Jim Hopper.


Yes mate, you’ve made it to the top. Cheers, you’re welcome.

It’s not just the characters, but how they interact. Their different relationships expand and collapse like the crash of two galaxies, creating plots as wonderous as the stars. Praise should be given – and this is personal! – to the scriptwriters, directors and storytellers for how awesomely well they manage to send each character to their designated role, in every adventure. I mean, I’ve played D&D a couple of times (I hope you googled it be now) and it’s never been that fulfilling. I have to admit I’m jealous. I want to be Jim or Mike or even one of their pets at least, if going on an adventure completes a character the way it does in Stranger Things.


Yep, there has to be one. Fortunately the one for Stranger Things is nowhere close. And while the wait for Season 3 is long and cold like the upside-down, the memory of every episode remains as a guarantee and hope that the TV world, yes, is not beyond hope.

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