City of Shadows: Inspirations

Following my blog post ‘a part of my novel which won’t be in the book’ some months ago, I’ve decided to upload some of the pictures I took from that unforgettable event. I own the photos and names mentioned below.

Amongst so many other locations in Valletta, these places have inspired scenes and venues in City of Shadows


falcons perch 67, green door.jpg
the inspiration for The Falcon’s Perch, this abandoned building is in Strada Stretta.



falcons perch 67
same venue, different angle. A lot of scenes take place here, in City of Shadows


This balcony of the Falcon’s Perch served as the inspiration for a scene like to call: the scene of despair and hope
The piano is my favourite instrument. Apart from the fact that this old instrument helped a lot with building a particular atmosphere, and giving character to The Grand Mariner, it is a testimony to the strength of Time. I cherish this photo not solely for how much it helped with inspiring me, but also for how much it touches my soul.



Grand Mariner , 98 Strait Street.jpg
the entrance to The Grand Mariner; an entrance you will never see in this state… ever again (go look for it yourself, I’m not lying)



I wonder, now that they’re refurbishing this place, what will happen with this basement. A store for drinks and that kind of stuff, I’d presume. Not so different from the role I gave it in City of Shadows, mind you!


the second floor of The Grand Mariner. THE scene I had long been planning to write – even before I actually started writing City of Shadows – happened right here.



I had to take a look out of that balcony. When you read City of Shadows, you’ll understand why… not to mention that, with this bar being refurbished, no one ever will take such a glimpse again



Photo used for blog post (hands holding bulb) is by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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