Life through my glasses

Some random thoughts I want to share with you… Well, if there exists such a thing as random.

  • it’s funny how in a world full of communications, communication is the thing we seem to lack most.
  • very often, we find it very easy to judge others (like joining gossip). Yet when confronted with the choice of defending a friend, for instance, we often revert to “I would prefer to be left out of this.”
  • atheists are people who have received the wrong concept of God… and they’re right for not believing in such crap.
  • in life, nothing is as stupid as extremes.
  • there are no good and bad people. Everyone has within them the potential to commit murder, adultery and steal… as much as the potential to care, love, and help their neighbour. Problem is not everyone knows their true potential.
  • the first step to perform miracles is to believe you’re incapable of doing any.
  • admitting you failed is a great success.
  • try asking forgiveness, even when you’re not in the wrong.
  • don’t take life too seriously.
  • you will stop judging someone after you make their same mistake.
  • if you want to be happy, gratitude is key.
  • you’ll need very little things in life. The rest of it, you just want.
  • people lead sad lives because they believe the illusion that pain can and should always be avoided.
  • every man has his worth, but unfortunately, not every man sees it. This doesn’t mean nobody else does.
  • in my constant journey of trying to be a more authentic Christian, I’ve learned that the first step to helping people meet God is to get to know a variety of them.
  • some people are so easy to talk to… others so hard.
  • don’t try too hard to achieve anything, God knows what you need, and it will be given to you.
  • just because worldly possessions cannot give you peace, it doesn’t mean they can’t make you happy.
  • don’t waste time trying too hard to be friends with people who don’t want to; this is one of the greatest traps we often fall victims to. It has led many people to forget how to be themselves.
  • tolerance can be as harmful to society as is discrimination.
  • never regret your weaknesses, because people surely won’t. Accept them as your armour so they can’t be used against you.
  • Experience is truly the best teacher of life, but it comes at a price most are unwilling to pay. That is why a lot prefer to follow others’ lessons rather than learning their own. That is called the ‘comfort zone’.
  • the first step to loving others is to love yourself.
  • If you’re shy of standing up for what you believe in, then you don’t believe in it at all.
  • The best thing you can give to your loved ones is your time.
  • if you love someone, tell them. If you’ve got a grudge or you’re angry at someone, tell them. Telling the truth will set you free, even if it leads to your own death.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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