Why writing is my passion… and why you need to find yours!

When you do something regularly, it slowly becomes part of you everyday. The more you go out jogging, walking, or focus on a healthy diet, the easier it gets.

The same is with Writing (yes, I owe it a capital W since it gives me so much joy!)

Since I started writing The Buried Lance last Friday (more info here), I found myself back to the days when I was on a writing spree for City of Shadows – (coincidentally?) this time last year. I’m only almost through the first thousand words in this ‘short’ fantasy novel portraying Jade (my favourite creation so far), and all I can tell myself is: ‘How did you survive all those months without Writing?!’

So all I want to tell you today is: Whatever your passion is, don’t just follow it.
Do something about it!

You have 80, 90, mostly a 100 years on this earth. Don’t waste them looking at your phone scrolling through other people’s lives. Not if it makes you feel miserable. And even if it doesn’t!

While we would all like to become famous (I would!) and millionaires, the greatest success is finding your passion and living it every single day.

Photo by Elvis Ma on Unsplash


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  1. Mum says:

    Good one & soooo trueee🙂


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