of Emma Muscat and the Maltese ignorance

This is just a small word to all those imbeciles who criticised Emma Muscat in the last weeks – not that you deserve the time it takes to write this or to even appear on any blog, but anyway.

1. For those who need a summary… Emma Muscat, an artist from Malta, took part in the professional Italian artistic show of Amici Di Maria De Filippi. Emma didn’t do well, Emma did fabulously!!

Now, some of our ignorant locals who claim to be ‘patriotic’ and ‘maltese’ (because they don’t deserve the capital M) criticised Emma. Their criticism wasn’t constructive or anything to do with her vocal talents (which are, to say the least, superb!). Emma made it to the semi-finals of Amici and the mediocre no-cell brain idiots criticised her on the grounds that she doesn’t speak Maltese as good as she does English (Malta’s second official language) or Italian.

2. To those imbeciles

For starters, you should know that she improved on her Italian because she was there representing our country. And that, she did by spending months away from her friends and family <- something you imbeciles have surely no experience of. If you had, you wouldn’t have passed those stupid comments tal-Ġaħan Malti li intom.

3. I’m writing this in English. So what? Like Emma said: it doesn’t make me any less proud to be Maltese. I too spent several months away from family and friends in my early 20’s (in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong). When you do that, you really start to understand and appreciate your country. You realise how Malta is an earthly paradise despite all the controversial issues and current affairs we have (every nation has some of those, by the way…)

4. Conclusion, sort of… To the wise, kind-hearted and open-minded individuals (Maltese or not) reading this: I know you understand.

To the maltese imbeciles: do Malta’s reputation a great favour and shut your mouth.

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

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