Here’s something you should really give an F* about!

I have long thought about writing a review for this book. Thing is… it wouldn’t be doing it any justice.

So, suffice to say the following:

  • All my thoughts, reasoning and way of thinking are represented so well in this book that you’d think Mark Manson must be my brother – from another mother… and I might as well close my blog!
  • If I were the government, I would make this book compulsory at Junior College (Maltese college for 16-18 year old’s preparing themselves for life.)
  • Still, having said that (and since it is not likely to become a reality): if you’re not ready to enjoy the benefits of putting yourself under scrutiny, questioning your beliefs and raising doubts to your certainties… then don’t open this book.
  • On the other hand, it’s a jewel to those those who – irrelevant of race, sexual orientation and ethnicity – are eager for self-discovery and ready to pay the price.
  • It’s about 300 pages, which I read in less than 48 hours. Need I say anything else?



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