A true story about risk

So a friend I met this weekend was telling me how he just handed his Notice at work. Though I had a slight clue that he wasn’t happy where he was, it came as a surprise. But also as good news, since this guy is almost like a brother to me. When I asked him what job he is moving to, he told me it’s finally something he really likes and has always wanted to do: teaching. The vacancy, however, is with a definite contract of just one year. So I went on to ask him what he plans to do once the contract expires, in a year’s time.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” he replied with a smile that spoke a million words. “God will see me through it. But the amount of stress at the previous job wasn’t effecting my life in a good way.”
(well, those weren’t exactly the words, since we were speaking in Maltese).

Needless to say, I was taken aback at first. I mean, you have to know his wife is a housewife (they don’t get paid in Malta) and they have four young kids! But later in the evening, as I told this to my wife, I realised this person has put to practice what a lot of us can only preach. I’m sure him and his wife had their own share of fears, insecurities, questions and doubts when they discussed this (and still do, I guess). Still, they grabbed their situation by the horns and took the decision to follow their heart. Or, in blunter and less-poetic words: they took a risk.

And a big one at that! Enough to have me writing about it to you, just two days later.

We all say we should take more risks, and that we should walk away from the stuff that causes stress in our lives – whether it is places, situations or, let’s face it, people. But how many of us truly take that step? Into the unknown, into the unprepared.

You might not call it Faith. Call it whatever you want – what strikes me is the freedom. Freedom not because this guy is doing whatever he wants, but because he isn’t allowing his fears, insecurities, questions and doubts to hold him or his family back? After all, he’s right: who knows what will happen in a year’s time?

And that’s it, really. I could write a hundred more words. But in front of a story like this, with its simplicity and authenticity… do you really need to hear any more?

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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