Why whatever people think about you is not important

Because it’s all relative.

Relative to them. Relative to their experience. Relative to how they see the world.

I’m generally considered religious by my colleagues, and other acquaintances in general – including some people in my exterior family. But ask that to the catholic community I am actively part of, and they’ll all tell you I am the rebel among them, their very own Lutheran (no offence to Lutherans reading this… on the contrary!)

It could be I’m bipolar and don’t know it yet… or else it means what I’m trying to tell you: that what people think about you isn’t the truth, it’s relative.

And therefore not important.

So it should not effect your life. If it is, don’t let it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. You should be considerate to people’s advice – at least to some of them, if they know you well. After all that’s why we were given a pair of ears (and only one mouth): to listen more (and talk less) . But we were also given a brain. So listen, then think. Be open to advice and guidance, then use that to your advantage to grow – or remain the same.

You are who you are, and trying too hard to change it will benefit nobody, least of all yourself.

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash

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