The Second Sons trilogy


After Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, I never imagined I would find another one as captivating and cannot-let-this-book-down type again. Well, Jennifer Fallon got the closest to breaking that spell. What can I say? I’m not a fan of writing reviews, and very few books make it to my blog. Second Sons has definitely earned a space on my book-shelf (see blog image).

Favourite character?

I heard it once said that we read stories because they make us experience stuff which we can not experience in our reality. Now Dirk Provin – the main character – is resembles me in so many ways, so I wouldn’t think he made me experience much of what I already am not. Still, you cannot help falling in love with him. Having said this, I almost knew from the start that Misha Latanya wohuld play a significant role and the fact that he did in so many ways made him my favourite character. Needless to say, Tia Veran’s rogue and rebellious character couldn’t fail to make it to my top list. Oh Tia, impulsive raging intuitive Tia!


Magic and the magic system usually play a significant role in defining a good fantasy novel. Jennifer’s lack of including any magic in this low-fantasy makes you think it would be boring or stark. Only until you start getting a taste at the brilliant politicking she has to marvelously managed to compile! And that, by the way, from the very start. The complexity of each character and how Jennifer managed to get their agendas blend and come together is the finest magic one could ask for.


Suffice to say that while a lot of novels literally waste time on chapters upon chapters of characters waiting for the crux event to happen (like a battle or plot-twist), Jennifer manages to deliver events so quickly there are more than you can count. And she does this while also keeping the story going at a fast yet steady pace. I really enjoyed how times passes swiftly as you read, without letting you miss any detail, whether it is minuscule or grand.

Conflict – by far this was my favourite aspect of the trilogy

Yes, it was. This is not the right place and time to delve into explaining my complex character and personal philosophies and beliefs. I will only say, however, that the constant conflict between zealousness and logic is prevalent in the plot and almost each character. So brilliantly delivered, world-class! A conflict of a masterpiece, that kept disabling me from putting this book down!

Image: the paperbacks on my book-shelf: the place they earned and deserve

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