of Love, Duty and Game of Thrones ending


With Game of Thrones now ended, here are my concise comments. Needless to say, spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t yet watched Season 8 up til the very last episode, do NOT read this.

Bran as king : 10/10
Loved it. Finally Bran got to do something in the end. Apart from that, they were for once frickin wise and chose someone who , well… can do some powerful sh** and be a good king. And father no sons: very wise indeed!

Sansa not bending the knee : 10/10
I loved the fact that the north gained its independence again. obviously, she afforded denying Bran his claim on the north because he is, after all, her brother. A toast to the Queen in the north.

Tyrion, hand of the King : 9/10
Well, he got back to hand. Considering he plotted killing the dragon-queen along with Jon Snow, he couldn’t ask for anything better! No particular surprise here, but I think he got what we all think he deserved, and what he’s good at.

Varys – forever mourned
Still remains one of my favourite characters. Those who have, like me, read the books, will understand better. A toast to the master of whispers, never to be replaced.

Dragon : 8/10
10/10 for melting the iron throne. Seriously, that was amazing! Dragons have feelings you know? 7/10 for leaving off without a proper good-bye. Kind of reminds me of one of my villain characters in City of Shadows (and I don’t say this as a positive thing, unfortunately): it remains an unsolved future threat without closure. Guess it could fall in the category of “they had to end it somehow”.

Jon Snow : 7/10
The punishment of sending him north of the wall didn’t appeal to me at all. After all, everyone knew who he was. However, I liked the fact of how he turned it into an opportunity and decided to “damn my destiny” and go far north. After all, the dragon did burn the iron throne and the council did become democrating in “king-making”, meaning the past is over and it’s a new future. So Jon’s decision of “to hell with my lineage” and become what he wants is quite justified.

Dany : 4/10
Everything would’ve been perfect in her plot and character-arc IF ONLY it was brought about slower through more seasons / episodes. What irritated me is the fact that she got murdered and her people just put Jon in prison for it – after they had chose to slaughter the surviving Lannisters and not put them in prison just earlier. They should’ve lynched him and caused a revolution in her name! Which leads us to…

Unsullied : 2/10
Win the final battle, but lose your queen at the very end of it just about when the “new era” of her reign is dawning. Not to mention you only witnessed the death of your beloved some days earlier. And what do you do about it? Put her murderer of your queen in prison for a while, then decide to obey a new council when they choose a new king while you leave off with your arm of thousands to some island nobody knows where it is. I mean, seriously? Lame.

Bron : 2/10
Lame as the Unsullied, if not worse. If the guy wasn’t born under a star, I don’t know anyone else who was.

Arya : 8/10
To hell with the seven (or six) kingdoms and everything you’ve witnessed in the last couple of years. Become an explorer and go west. I liked that. Makes sense to that type of character, at least.

Final Verdict
Bran Stark as king of the six kingdoms. Sansa Stark as queen in the north. Arya Stark and Jon as renegades following their dreams. Well, in the end the Starks did win, and that’s good. Very good. Personally, at least.
In an ideal world, George Martin (the author) would’ve finished the books and I would’ve read them all. And in that ideal world, watching the series would’ve been optional. Unfortunately, that is not reality.

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