the world doesn’t owe you shit!

Nope, it doesn’t.

I’m saying this because we’re living in an era where everyone is told they’re special, unique, important, valuable. Don’t get me wrong. You might be valuable and important and significant to your relatives, closest friends, colleagues…. and their love will help you through tough times. Help you? Damn it will make a difference! And in no way am I denying that.

But it won’t save you from cancer, depression, traffic accident, miscarriage, loss of a loved one… or your own death itself.

Am I being negative? Maybe. But I am writing this because I sometimes get tired of being surrounded by drama-queens wherever I look – whether it’s on social-media, the news, or certain “groups” I gladly and un-regrettfully form part of (yes, because usually it’s not the majority of them… if they were, I would’ve run away already). These people tend to raise the “victim flag” the moment something bad happens to them. Most of the time because they want to be in the spot-light, funnily enough. So yes, they kinda like to be between the hammer and the anvil. So when they are telling you that their current terrible and most-dreadful situation is killing them: don’t believe them. If they’re not enjoying it, they are enjoying the attention!

So either stick up with them, or else walk-away. Because drama is like perfume (one that stinks, in this case): it spreads and you cannot avoid smelling it if you’re around.

Now don’t get me wrong. I empathize (to some extent) and understand that we all deal differently with grief and different forms of suffering. That’s not what I’m talking about here. Now, I’m not being judgmental here. So much so, in fact, that if you’re one of those drama-queens who thinks life or the world owes you happiness or anything, I’m dedicating my time to write this for you. And yes, I will take the opportunity to remind you:

Life doesn’t owe you shit.

So stop complaining about your cancer, your miscarriage, your depression, your whatever… and instead do something about it! Your failure, whatever it is, is in fact an opportunity to become a better human-being. By better I do not mean in a patronizing moralistic way. I mean an improved version of yourself that can help those around you more efficiently. But as St Paul’s says, before helping others you need to help yourself.

So yes, stop whining about how badly you’ve been or you’re being treated. Stop telling us how unlucky or cursed you are. And stop blaming God or the devil for it all. It’s your mistake. It’s okay, we all make those. Pick up the pieces, learn, and move on. There’s an improved version of yourself on the other side of your belief that the world owes you anything. And it will be nice meeting that nicer version of yourself, if only you pulled up your socks, shut your mouth, and stared trying.

Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

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