my ‘tossing a coin’ to The Witcher

I finally managed to watch the first season of The Witcher,and what can i say?

Was it what i expected? It was more!

Henry’s performance was brilliant. Particularly his voice. I don’t know how he managed to keep that low base-like of a semi-whisper throughout his entire script, but he nailed it!

Yennefer of Vengerberg. Anya Chalotra’s performance doesn’t come short of anything, though i would’ve imagined many other actresses – aesthetically speaking. But hey, that falls to a man’s style which is absolutely irrelevant in a review.

And i won’t go through each and every actor/actress because it’s 05:04 AM my son is asleep and so am i 🙂 All i can say is well done to all.

And hey, another great well done to those battle scenes. The maneuvering and the melee was fantastic! How the camera moved around every swing of the sword, or the axe… wow man!

And then there’s the humour, which i absolutely loved! The non-linear timeline, which i not only didn’t mind, but i daresay was so fulfilling. Especially in the way how all the dots joined by the end.

I still would’ve preferred if the Nilfgaardians had worn something more decent and worthy of being called ‘armour’. And maybe some more monster-slaying in the next season directors please? But other than that…. my only sadness is the realisation that i have to wait another year for the next season!

I’m more a fan now than i was before. Yes, i have read some of the books and played a bit of the games. I’m not being condescending here. I’m just admitting i might be biased. I admit too that The Witcher has a style of its own, which either you adore or you despise. That’s true. And in being so, it has continued to prove to be original and, hell yea i’ll say it: this show was fuckin’ awesome!

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