No to murder, No to abortion.


I completely detach myself from all those dark and sad comments a lot of “pro-lifers” direct at pregnant ladies such as “you should’ve kept your legs closed!”.

I can imagine it is not easy for anyone to fall to the decision of committing abortion. You are killing a human-being after all. But I understand your fear. Still, abortion is murder, and murder can never be a solution.

So what am I proposing?

Instead of finding a solution to this problem, let’s strive:

1 – To find what is causing so many unwanted pregnancies, and try to help women avoid getting pregnant by mistake, as much as we can. For instance, let’s educate young women that what they see on TV-series is a lie because sex has consequences if you’re not careful. Let’s educate our young men and women by reminding them that any form of sex should be done either with someone you care for or at least done using preventive measures to avoid getting pregnant.

2 – To build a society that helps those who despite no. 1 end up getting pregnant nonetheless. Raising a child is no joke, let alone when it never entered your plans. So let society be a beacon that provides help and assistance to those who need to raise a child they have not wanted or planned. Let’s not focus solely on making sure they don’t abort, but instead make sure to hold their hand along the way both before and especially after the child is born by providing support, care, education, assistance as much as we possibly can.

We a society are responsible too. So it is useless pointing fingers and expecting the mothers and fathers to do everything on their own while we sit there and play the judges. Either we’re all in this together, or else the option of abortion will remain the most attractive and easy way out. And then yes we would’ve lost the battle, but we cannot point fingers at anyone, because the fault will also be ours.

Photo by John Looy on Unsplash

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