Don’t be afraid to be wrong

At the workplace, most of us have yearly or half-yearly appraisals. It’s the time and place whereby you and your boss discuss your skill-sets, performance, and future goals within the company. Sometimes, these appraisals help us to set a stricter direction, or change it totally… or somewhere in between.

The same should apply to your beliefs. To believe in something, I think, is an essential part of living. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the spiritual only, here. A person can hold a value or set of values close at heart; those are also beliefs also. And they are important.

But, just like at the workplace, you need to conduct and appraisal with your beliefs and values. Are your beliefs performing well against you? Are they actually helping you in your self-growth and human improvement, or hindering you? Asking, answering and deciding on these questions is crucial!

And more importantly, don’t be afraid to be wrong 🙂

Then once you have done so, give your beliefs and values some time. Then once again, every once in a while, conduct the appraisal again and again.

Keep doing this till the day you die 🙂

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