I write

Nobody cares. But I still write.

Yes, sometimes it just feels that my blogs are falling on deaf ears… or well, blind eyes. Actually, I highly doubt they’re reaching anyone at all. Still, I write.

Because I don’t do it for anyone anymore. Not that I ever did. But now, even less.

I’m going to be honest. I cannot say I don’t like my writing getting followed, liked and commented. But if I had to continue or stop writing based on that outcome, I’d definitely stop writing.

Which I won’t.

Because I write.

I write because it’s my passion.

I write because it makes me part of who I am.

I write because I enjoy it.

I write because it helps making me whole.

I write because, even if nobody reads, it feels like creation. So it is there, even if nobody sees it… it is there, it is created

Hence, I write 🙂

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