News from a blogger

What do I want to tell the world?

Nothing basically, other than that I would like to let everyone know that you can be mourning a loved one but still be at peace.

And that there is, despite all the bad news you hear about on social media, a very good amount of goodness and good people in the world. People who are ready to listen. People who do the right thing, even if it is their job and they’re paid for it, still. People who actually care.

During covid-struck times, I visited a counselor. We talked, because that is what I needed. I’m sure he enjoyed the money, but I’m surer he did it for more than just that. That is respect, that is love.

Months after my brother’s passing, I still receive messages from people to check on me. That is respect, that is love.

Me and my wife don’t agree on everything, but every day spent together is a blessing that I would not trade for anything else. I don’t usually feel like taking care of my son, but I would die for him. That is respect, that is love.

Amidst the the wars, the hunger, the various world crisis, there is hope.

Despite all the suffering, life is beautiful.

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  1. Loved reading this
    Wonderful post! I’m so glad you found it useful.


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