my resolution for 2020

Like all previous years, i have no resolutions for the new year (I was never the type). Yet i have great news i want to share with you all. After my debut novel City of Shadows launched back in January 2018, i’d thought that my desire to write fantasy fiction was ebbed.

But i was so wrong.

Shortly afterwards, i came across NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) April challenge and decided to take part. Since it was a mini-project when compared to City of Shadows, i decided to write a fantasy fiction. And that’s when i discovered that not only had my love for fantasy fiction not ebbed, but it had grown stronger; there, in the dark corridors and chambers of my brain and soul it had waited patiently but fervently for the ripe opportunity. And when that came about, it sprang out of the darkness and into the light like a lioness that had been contained for too long.


Well, to cut the long story short, through that month of April I saw myself planning and writing 20,000 words plus, which eventually became my debut fantasy fiction novella The Buried Lance. A few months after that, i was contacted by a friend who had read City of Shadows and recommended i speak with a Maltese publisher who is very much into publishing local authors’ works. I contacted that publisher, and there goes the news: The Buried Lance will be published in Malta in beginning of 2020!

Am i excited? <– Please do you even have to ask that question? 🙂

Do you want more information? (and something for FREE) –> Then click here (it’s Christmas time!)

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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