City of Shadows

Malta, late 19th Century. Valletta, the capital city, is in turmoil. A series of grisly murders leads London Constable, Archibald Whitlock, to travel to Malta and assist with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Don Lorenzo answers the Lord’s call to protect the flock, while troubled woman Rita Formosa wanders the tangled web of Strada Stretta.

Danger lurks in the dark, constricted lanes of the city and time slowly runs out as each tries to unlock the secret that is haunting Valletta.

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  1. City of Shadows is a fast paced, thriller. It follows a couple of main characters which as a reader I got to love. The in-depth view of each of these characters ambitions & fears, together with what life is throwing at them is excellent. The scene in which this books is placed is the city of Valletta in the late 19th century and anyone who loves an intriguing story should pick up this book to read!


  2. Stacey Cutajar says:

    City of shadows takes you on a vivid emotional roller coaster ride which keeps the reader captivated throughout. Characters are introduced brilliantly and by the end of the book, they become somewhat of a friend of your mind. The plot twists are unpredictable which keeps the reader on his toes from beginning to end. City of shadows also makes real locations and landmarks throughout the book which help you enter into the mysterious world the author attempts to create. Whilst the plot is not historic in nature, the book almost feels as if the author was there at the time of the events.

    Highly Recommended!


  3. Justine Naudi says:

    I started reading this novel just because my friends were reading it but I have to admit I couldn’t stop. Each chapter leaves you with great curiosity of what’s going to happen next. All the descriptions are so detailed that I felt indulged into the story, just as if I’m part of it. In fact, after reading this book I visited Valletta and I could clearly imagine all the events that took place in certain roads. A truly brilliant setting and plot.


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